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Vickery Creek Falls Engagement Session, Roswell – Erica & Alan


June 15, 2018


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I loved meeting up with Erica & Alan at Vickery Creek Falls in Roswell! I have long loved the look of waterfall photos, and Erica & Alan were the perfect adventurous couple to make the dream a reality! We met up just after sunrise (before all the tourists arrived), and the light was simply beautiful! Erica & Alan are fun, adventurous and just plain adorable together, and I can’t wait until their wedding at the Greystone at Piedmont Park next April! For now, enjoy some of my favorites from our morning together in Roswell, and continue reading to catch a glimpse into their story! Enjoy!

“Alan and Erica met in the summer of 2012 before starting graduate school at Emory University. Little did Erica know that Alan had already looked her up on Facebook before classes started. The first time Erica met Alan they were at a restaurant: a frequent class hangout spot called Red Pepper. Alan, still in his Colorado mindset, arrived at the restaurant via his road bike. Safe to say, Alan made an immediate impression. Erica would never forget this entrance.”

“Alan and Erica were in a class of 65 students, comprised of about 10 males and 55 females (the odds were in Alan’s favor.)  Alan and Erica became quick friends. However, Alan never intended to only stay friends. He let Erica know he was ready to take the next step whenever she was. About halfway through physical therapy school, Alan and Erica took their friendship to the next level. They began a long distance relationship throughout their clinical rotations. They then reunited in Atlanta to complete their last year of physical therapy school and to further their relationship.”

The Proposal – “The proposal took place on Sunday January 21st 2018. It actually snowed in Atlanta earlier in the week! When Alan saw the projected weather for Sunday was sunny and in the 60’s he knew this had to be the day. Alan, Erica, and Emmett headed out to one of their favorite Atlanta hiking spots- Sweetwater Creek State Park. They began hiking alongside the river trail, and stopped along the way to let Emmett play in the water! When they reached the halfway point, they stopped at their favorite resting spot to have some lunch. Alan ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (although he was not hungry) so he could have an excuse to reach into his backpack and get the ring! Erica did not realize this, as she was too busy taking a “selfie” picture with her dog Emmett.”

“After finishing his sandwich, Alan asked if Erica would like to take a picture.  Erica said “not really,” she was really not cooperating.   After some convincing, Erica agreed to take a picture. Alan handed the phone to a nearby hiker and placed it on a video! When Alan came back to take the picture he went down on one knee, the rest is a blur, and Erica said YES!”

“Alan had more surprises in store. After the hike about 20 of Alan and Erica’s closest friends were waiting in their apartment to celebrate the engagement! Later that evening, Alan and Erica went to one of their favorite Atlanta restaurants, Canoe. Erica was caught completely off guard but could not have been happier!”

Alan, what is it about Erica that you love the most? – “From the very first time I saw Erica, I knew that I would fall in love with her. Her smile, flowing hair, gentle demeanor, and the care she shows for others are some of the many attributes I love about her. I love how she supports me and has unwavering loyalty. She challenges me to grow as a person and to try new things out of my comfort zone. As our relationship continues to grow, our careers progress, and eventually we start a family together, I know we will always stay true to each other.”

Erica, what is it about Alan that you love the most? – “What I love most about Alan is his confidence, support, and his ability to live life to the fullest. Alan knew we were destined to be together from the beginning. He is sure of himself and in his decisions. Alan places our relationship first and makes me feel loved every day. He always finds ways to surprise me-I don’t know how he does it! Alan supports me in all of my endeavors and celebrates my successes as his own.  Alan is my perfect compliment, my best friend, and the love of my life. ”

I’m so excited for you guys! Thank you for sharing your story with me, and I can’t wait for April 6th!


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