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Love is the
 best investment

" The more you give, the more you get in return.”
 Audrey Hepburn

 A child of the ocean, always seeking coastline. Film-obsessed. Organized to the Nth degree.

I’m Carrie Joy

Carrie Joy



I’ll never forget the moment I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

It was the first wedding I had ever photographed — a destination celebration in Florida. I’d spent the weekend enjoying all of the festivities and documenting every moment big and small, and when I came home I settled down with a mug of tea to cull through each photo. That’s when I saw it: the image. The groom, who had been unusually nervous and reserved throughout the early parts of the day, was still trying to keep his emotions at bay until his wife-to-be joined him at the altar. It was then — just as they started to share their vows — that all of his reservation and nerves melted away. What remained was the love in his eyes, shining through in a beautifully fleeting moment that I had had the privilege to capture.

As soon as I saw that frame, I knew that these were the moments I wanted to witness and immortalize — these beautiful, fleeting seconds that show exactly why we go through everything we do to celebrate love.

That emotion-centered approach has informed how I shoot for the last twelve years — your relationship, and the way it shines through every detail you’ve selected and every interaction we have, is the greatest inspiration. With a thoughtful and joyous approach, I aim to deliver meaningful images that will forever preserve the memories and moments that matter most to you.

I like to think I embody my name, and I try to live so that joy is always at the forefront. I think there’s always a way to turn lemons into lemonade — and then go share that lemonade with everyone in the neighborhood over a cozy family-style meal.

Finding silver linings

Part of what I love most about working in weddings is that magic happens because people come together. Whether that’s all of your loved ones celebrating in one room or your team of vendors coordinating to make your dream wedding a reality, connection and community is always center stage.



Nothing rejuvenates me like seeing the horizon from a new destination. My favorite place I’ve ever been is Amalfi (where I got up early to watch the sunrise from a gorgeous hillside lemon grove). 



I get so much joy (and style inspiration) from watching Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly films — even if my husband would tell you I’m always misquoting them.

Classic cinema


I’m always my happiest when I’m with my people — my husband and my daughter make me laugh more than anyone else on earth.

My family



The Invitation Suite. I love when my couples' stories shine through in every small detail they've selected, and custom paper always reflects who they are so beautifully. 

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You love your people hard - and you want to craft experiences that will never be forgotten.

My couples are driven by their relationships and making others feel special. They want to explore and expand their horizons, in the hopes of better understanding themselves. They love art, seek beauty, and want to feel like themselves on their wedding day.


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