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Ercole di Amalfi – Amalfi Coast Bed & Breakfast, Honeymoon Spot


February 23, 2016


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Perched high above the Mediterranean Sea is the gorgeous, family-run Bed and Breakfast – Ercole di Amalfi. When my sister Sarah and I started planning our Italian adventure, the first thing I began researching was places to stay. As I began perusing properties in Amalfi on Airbnb, Ercole di Amalfi definitely stood out. After reading the rave reviews, I knew what another happy guests had seen as well – this up and coming property was soon to be a big hit!

Despite how much I had built it up in my mind, our stay exceeded my expectations! The view alone is worth the stay (see my video of sunrise over the Mediterranean from the terrace HERE). But beyond that, the rooms were gorgeous, clean and airy with a very artistic attention to detail.  I loved the bright white and blue color scheme, the incredible beds (my sister said it was one of the nicest beds she’s ever slept in) and the view of amazing garden and Sea beyond – all which made it the perfect little hamlet to relax and unwind.

But, what really pushed our stay over the edge from great to perfect was our hostess MariaGrazia and her family. Our first breakfast in the garden (which was also delicious, in case you were wondering), I noticed an older gentleman pruning the plants. Armed with my curiosity and feeble Italian, I walked over & struck up a conversation with him, and I learned that this was no random gardener but MariaGrazia’s sweet grandfather Lello! What started with learning about the woodwork, sculpture and carving he had done all over the property (he’s an incredible artist) ended with a personalized tour of the orchard full of lemon trees passed down their family line. He also generously gave us fresh lemons and oranges for the rest of our trip! Such kindness and generosity was really why I fell in love with Amalfi! With the amenities, gorgeous (and secluded) location and amazing people it would be an amazing place for a Honeymoon, Anniversary or Romantic Getaway! It’s absolutely perfect for the Adventurous Couple, and I can’t wait to return with my husband 🙂

I love the quiet, gorgeous neighborhood too! It was perfect for a morning walk!

The gorgeous detailing above the bed was also Lello’s handiwork! Isn’t it gorgeous?!! (as well as the sculpture below)

Breakfasts in the garden were AMAZING! I loved being able to start my day here! 🙂

And, after breakfast we headed into the orchard with Lello for a tour of the lemon, orange & fig trees!

For more information or to book your own stay, visit: Ercole di Amalfi – Bed & Breakfast

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