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Casey & Demetria – A Summery Piedmont Park Engagement Session


July 1, 2015


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Happy July, y’all! Summer is one of my favorite times of year – the days are longer, fireflies light up the evening sky, and the warmer weather means evenings and weekends spent enjoying the pool! It’s also the perfect season to spend quality time with those you love! I adore Casey & Demetria & am excited to share their story with you guys today! They have such a sweet love, and I’m inspired by their heart for serving others! I’ve asked them to share their story with all of us today and have included some of my favorites from their recent Engagement session in Piedmont Park! Enjoy!

“Demetria and I met at Tufts Med School in Boston, getting to know each other while volunteering at the Sharewood Project, a student run free healthcare organization for the uninsured and underserved.  One night on a class wide ski trip, I won Demetria over with my dance moves, though Demetria will adamantly deny that.  We started dating shortly thereafter and we’ve been inseparable ever since.  We shared study dates looking at anatomy flashcards and when we weren’t studying, we enjoyed cooking, exploring new restaurants, dancing and traveling.  It was on a beautiful Marathon Monday in Boston on 4/16/12 that we told each other we loved each other for the first time – Demetria kept the rose I gave her that day in a ziplock in her nightside table.  We’re excited to get married 4 years to day after we said we loved each other.”

“Casey has a huge heart, and he will go to the moon and back to make me happy and see me smile.  Related to that, I love his sense of humor, and how he’s not afraid to be a total goofball.  Even when I’m rolling my eyes on the outside, I’m laughing on the inside.”

“I find Demetria’s passion to be infectious.  Whether she is introducing me to food, music, something I’ve never heard about before or talking with me about politics or social issues – it’s not uncommon for her interests, causes, the way she orders Subway sandwiches – you name it – to become mine.”

“Demetria and I had discussed getting engaged and spending the rest of our lives together many times before. We committed to each other as life partners and I couldn’t wait to propose to her. It was two days after I got the ring that I proposed. While I wanted to make the day a special one full of fun events, Demetria was unfortunately finishing a long, exhausting month in the ICU, so she wanted nothing more than to sleep and watch TV. However, she did agree to go to sushi later that night for dinner.

I got a little more dressed up for dinner than I used to, and struggled to conceal the ring box in my snugly fitting pants.  Demetria claims to have known the whole time that something was up (he put on cologne for the first time in ages, and he was super nervous!).”

“We had a lovely time at dinner, sharing a great meal and reminiscing on our beginnings, how far we had come through Med School, and how excited we were to see where we would be going next. I intended to propose to Demetria alongside one of my favorite spots near our home – on the Mystic River, a peaceful little spot place where on several occasions we had spent summer days just relaxing, eating ice cream. I told her she was the best thing that had ever happened to me, and I was happy to have found a life partner. ”

“We agreed to keep our engagement a secret between the two of us that night.  Unfortunately, we were too excited to sleep.  At 5 AM we both turned to each other wide eyed and asked each other if we could start calling our loved ones 🙂  ”

Isn’t that adorable? I’m so excited for these two lovebirds, and I can’t wait to capture their wedding at the Cator Woolford Gardens next April! Happy Summer, y’all!


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