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Audrey and Jason – An Engagement Session in Athens


April 24, 2015


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Audrey’s story starts in Athens where she was in grad school and working in retail. Enter Jason, who had just moved to Athens to start his Ph.D. at UGA. They met while Audrey was at work one day. After an earlier experience with unwanted attention from customers at work, Audrey was hesitant to connect with Jason. “He was interesting,” Audrey said, “but seemed somewhat arrogant, and I was intent on knocking him down a few pegs conversationally.” A few minutes later, Audrey had to get back to work. But after their chance encounter, Jason kept pursuing Audrey. His initial efforts to impress her turned out to be endearing, and eventually Audrey agreed to meet him for their first date at Espresso Royale in downtown Athens.

“We met for coffee, and a few minutes into our conversation, I relaxed completely. We found that we agreed on so many things – philosophically, politically, metaphysically – and had a ton to talk about. I think we probably talked for four hours straight that day. We had another coffee date the next week, and a marathon dinner date after that, and we’ve literally been inseparable since.”

What is it about Audrey that you love the most? – “I love Audrey’s range and constructiveness. We’re comfortable being silly, discussing nuanced academic topics, and everything in-between. When we disagree, we can find the root of the disagreement, discuss it thoughtfully, and find something we’re both happy with.”

What is it about Jason that you love the most? – “The first thing that comes to mind is Jason’s dependability. No matter what happens, I can always predict how he will react (and it’s usually the same reaction I’d have). I trust him more than anyone else and know that he will always come through, even when I myself can’t. It’s incredibly comforting and makes me feel better equipped to deal with life’s stresses knowing that he is my partner.”

We didn’t do a proposal. We both knew from early on that we wanted to be together for a long time, and that certainty just kept growing until we decided, mutually, to make it official.

In honor of their first date, we went back to the locations of their first date – Espresso Royale, which is now Jittery Joe’s – in downtown Athens! So fun!

Audrey and Jason, I had such a blast getting to know you both! Thank you for showing me around Athens! You both are so much fun to be around, and I’m so excited for your wedding in June! 

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