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Caryn & Nestor – A Spring Engagement Session at Lenox Park and Westside Provisions


April 21, 2015


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I loved meeting Caryn & Nestor and their adorable pup Izzy earlier this month for their Engagement session! These two met and got engaged in one of my favorite American cities: Chicago! Over the span of time, through dating long distance, a study abroad in Italy and a job change, these two stuck together and now have a home here in Atlanta. I’m so excited to capture their nuptials in Midtown Atlanta this October! Until then, pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this adorable couple’s story! 

From Nestor: “We met through a mutual friend (Kiersten) who I had known since high school. This friend was having a party during the summer, which we were both back from college.  It was at this party that I was introduced, and immediately I was attracted to Caryn. After convincing Kiersten for Caryn’s number, I was able to ask her on a date. One date lead to many dates and eventually I fell in love with Caryn and everything that is Caryn.”

From Caryn: “We casually dated that summer and I definitely didn’t think it would end in marriage many years later! I returned to school in Milwaukee at the end of the summer and we continued to date long-distance for the rest of college. The long-distance was hard, but we had some great adventures. Nestor even came to visit me while I studied abroad my sophomore year in Italy!”

“After I graduated college, I  moved in with Nestor in Chicago and attended grad school. This led to my job in Atlanta, and we were once again back to being long-distance. This time, it was a lot less fun and after over a year of convincing him, Nestor then made the move to Atlanta. This is how I knew that without a doubt he loved me and valued our relationship more than anything.”

“What I love most about Caryn is that she constantly finds ways to make me happy. Whether it’s a simple ‘I love you’ or getting me the newest tech gadget, it’s these small acts of kindness that I truly love and appreciate.  Everyday is full of surprises when I’m with Caryn.”

“Nestor is one of the more hard-working people I’ve ever met. He sets his sights on a goal and doesn’t stop until he achieves it. He is also extremely loyal and is a great friend because of that. He also takes such great care of both me and Izzy. We are all each other has here in Atlanta and we’ve created this special, little family and I know he will always take such great care of both of us!”

On the Proposal from Nestor: “The planning of the proposal happened over the span of 3 months. It began from the time that I received the ring in October of 2014 to the day of December 26th.  I knew I wanted to propose in Chicago, so during this time I was in constant contact with Caryn’s father, Craig. Craig would soon become my event coordinator and I even had him scout the location of the proposal: Adler Planetarium – a place where you are able to overlook the entire Chicago skyline. “

“On the day of the proposal, Caryn was going to be in the city having tea with her sisters while I gathered all of our friends and family at the planetarium. Eventually we were able to get Caryn to the location and it was here that I surprised her and popped the question.”

On the Proposal from Caryn: “Over this past Christmas, we were back in Chicago visiting family and friends. The day after Christmas, we had different plans that had us both going downtown, him with his friends, and me with my family. Through a series of elaborate lies, he got my stepmom, stepsister, and I over to the Adler Planetarium which is located along the lake. He got down on one knee and surprised me by proposing in front of all of our family and friends with the beautiful Chicago skyline behind us. It was so amazing to have everyone we love and who supports us there to witness such a special moment. We then had a delicious dinner with everyone and celebrated the rest of the night!”

Caryn & Nestor – Thank you so much for sharing your story! I can’t wait for your wedding in October! – Carrie Joy

The entire Westside Provisions section of the shoot was captured in film – Developed and Scanned by Richard Photo Lab

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