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Sharon & Tyson – A Sweetwater Brewing Company & Tanyard Creek Park Engagement Session


March 13, 2015


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Happy Friday, y’all! Today I’m so excited to share the afternoon I spent photographing and getting to know Sharon & Tyson! We spent the first part of the afternoon hanging out at Sweetwater Brewing Company & finished the day at the beautiful Tanyard Creek Park. I asked Sharon & Tyson to share a bit about how they met, what the love about one another and the story of the proposal, and I’m excited to share their sweet story here with y’all today! Enjoy!

Tell me about how you met & fell in love: We met through eHarmony.  I knew I loved Sharon during our first meal together.  I felt like I was talking to my best friend, and she was incredibly beautiful!

I fell in love with Tyson for his carefree attitude and playfulness. I was so happy to finally find someone who was just as goofy as me, whom I could also trust and respect. I knew he was the one for me when I realized the person that I became when I was with him.

The thing I love most about Tyson is his goofiness. I remember on our second date, we were walking back to his car and he told me he knew how to do an impersonation of Stuart from MadTV. I loved that character so I asked him to show me. And I died laughing! I knew then and there that we were going to have some fun together. We can have fun doing the most random stuff. One second we’ll start a dance party in the living room and the next we’re quoting our favorite scenes from “Bridesmaids”. These are the moments that I love the most. 

 I love Sharon’s commitment to anything she puts her mind to.  When she decides to do something, she does it full bore and pours all her effort into it.

Tell me about the Proposal (From Tyson): We were in Paris, France.  I had been carrying the engagement ring in my pocket for the last week.  I proposed on the Love Lock bridge on a chilly, cloudy morning.  Sharon was pretty tired that morning, and I caught her completely off guard!  After she had closed the lock, I said we needed to throw away both keys (she only had one).  When she said that, I took out the ring, got on one knee, and proposed!

Tell me about the Proposal (From Sharon): On the day he proposed, we were going to the Love Lock bridge (Pont des Arts) in Paris. It was first thing in the morning and I was still pretty groggy. Since I was still waking up, I couldn’t read any nervousness that Tyson might be showing. And since he didn’t really get involved in the planning for that day, I had no idea that there was a surprise coming since the surprise was already planned into the schedule by me. If he were to propose, I thought he’d schedule a fancy dinner or a romantic walk. But he played it cool and went along with whatever I thought we should do. So once we got to the bridge, we placed our lock on the bridge and then needed to throw away the keys. When I asked Tyson for the second key, he pulled out the ring and got on one knee. I was in SHOCK! Not that he proposed but that he was able to surprise me. After that, we just spent hours walking around the city and chatting about the events that led to the proposal (how my parents reacted, how his mom reacted, etc). It was such an amazing day 🙂

Sharon & Tyson, thank you so much for sharing your amazing story! I’m so excited for your wedding in October!

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