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Amber & Steve – A Casual, Sunday Afternoon Engagement Session in Marietta


June 23, 2014


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I love how our world has gotten smaller with technology. Amber is originally from Alaska & Steve is from Georgia, they both now live in St. Louis, Missouri but they met online! While getting ready for a trip to Atlanta last November, Steve surprised Amber with a proposal. It went something like this… Amber was prepping for the trip when Steve came home & popped open a bottle of champagne. “Oh! For my birthday!” she thought since they were already planning to celebrate her birthday that weekend. Well, those pesky champagne bottles are so hard to open that some spilled & when Steve got down to clean it up, he dropped to one knee & proposed! Then, they spent the weekend celebrating! Woohoo! A birthday & engagement celebration combined? Well, that just sounds like perfection to me! 🙂

Amber & Steve were recently in town for a wedding & we met up in Marietta for the afternoon. Going for a relaxed, candid approach, the session focused around things the two might do on a date! We spent the afternoon strolling through the farmer’s market, walking through some of the side streets & allies and ended with a glass of wine on the patio at Shillings.

Amber & Steve – I had such a great time getting to know & hanging out with you both! Y’all are already naturals in front of the camera & so much fun to hang out with; I’m so excited for your wedding at Willow Creek next May!

Nothing like a walk around the farmer’s market holding hands, sampling delicacies & drinking fresh lemonade to make a Sunday afternoon amazing!

Love the little side streets Marietta has to offer. How cute are Amber & Steve walking arm in arm?

After our time at the market & a walk around town, Amber & Steve changed into their second outfit, & we headed to the gorgeous patio at Shillings where they adorable couple could enjoy a glass of wine together in the summer afternoon breeze.

Seriously? Oh my goodness, y’all, I just can’t get over how adorable Amber & Steve are together!

Have y’all seen the Home shirts? I had heard of them but never seen how cute they were until this session! Since Amber is from Alaska & Steve is from Georgia it was the perfect opportunity to wear them! 🙂

Amber & Steve – thank you both for such an enjoyable afternoon! So excited for your wedding next May! 🙂

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