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Virtual Getaway – Istanbul and Athens


March 2, 2021


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Bride on the steps of the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center

Katie’s Bridal Session at the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA was the perfect way to end 2020. We met on what was one of the nicest December days I’ve ever experienced – with temperatures in the high sixties, it was incredibly warm & pleasant, even for a city that has […]



Parthenon in Athens Greece by Carrie Joy Photography

While I anxiously await being able to use my passport again, I thought it was high time I shared some of my favorite images from Turkey and Greece! Today will be part one of our last big European adventure, with more to come from each of the Greek Islands we explored (Naxos, Santorini and Milos), so buckle that imaginary seatbelt and come along!

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey on medium format film by Carrie Joy Photography

We started our adventure with an extended layover in Istanbul, Turkey. I have nothing but the finest things to say about Turkish Airlines – they were amazing! I’ve wanted to visit Turkey and specifically see the Hagia Sophia, for years now, so it was incredibly exciting to explore this exotic city with Tanner, even if only for half a day. I’m really hoping to make a trip back! Beyond exploring the Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Mosque (or Blue Mosque) and the park around it, we had an amazing dinner (with about three cups of tea for me) at a hookah cafe with live entertainment by a trio of musicians and a whirling dervish. It was amazing! And walking the park outside of the Hagia Sophia in the blue light of twilight with the sparkling lights lining the way, I felt like I was in Aladdin, in the best possible way.

Detailing on Architecture in Istanbul Turkey

After Istanbul, it was off to Athens for the start of our Greek Adventure. After getting into our Airbnb at an ungodly hour, we took a quick nap and woke up at sunrise to see the Parthenon before it got too hot (and all the tour buses arrived). Despite the lack of sleep, I highly recommend this approach. While I think the Acropolis is probably always crowded, being among the first to visit for the day was so nice, and after a trip through the Acropolis Museum (and surrounding neighborhood), it was time to head back to our Airbnb for a nap and an ice cream. We ventured out again after dark for a rooftop dinner together with a spectacular view of the Acropolis at night!

Parthenon in Athens Greece on medium format filmCarrie Joy Photography at the ParthenonOdeon of Herodes Atticus on film at sunriseGreek Flag on filmScenes from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece at SunriseThe Erechtheion on medium format filmAthens Greece view from the AcropolisArchitecture Detail at the AcropolisDetail in Architecture at AcropolisAcropolis on Medium format film

Our time in Athens was quick but wonderful, and it served as a great jumping off point for our time in the Cyclades. Stay tuned for part 2 – Naxos!

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