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Lullwater Park Engagement Session – Becca & Dustin


December 20, 2017


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Happy Holidays, friends! Today’s engagement session is the perfect way to celebrate the season! One thing I love about Becca and Dustin is how loving and comfortable they are with each other! After about 8 years together there’s a sweet way they know and love each other that only comes with time! We met at the beautiful Lullwater Park on Emory’s campus for their engagement session, and I love that besides being a gorgeous location, it held special meaning for the couple since they are both Emory alumni! The beautiful fall leaves and soft sunset light make this session a perfect celebration of the season as fall comes to a close and we head into winter! I’ve asked Dustin and Becca to share their love story below, so grab your peppermint hot chocolate and read on!

“We were first introduced by mutual friends in 2009 at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, where we were both athletes and crossed paths often around campus. After hanging out together at several parties, Becca’s friends knew there was a spark between us and decided to invite Dustin over one night. After a fun evening, which included watching the wedding movie I Love You, Man (ironic), he told her that he would call her but she didn’t think he actually would because, come on, this was college. The very next afternoon, Dustin called Becca to ask her out to dinner. That’s when our relationship started, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

“After dating for almost two years, Dustin graduated and decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry while Becca finished undergrad. Little did we know, we were about to embark on a 5 year long distance relationship! But destiny brought us back together in 2016 when Becca moved back to Atlanta, and we started our new journey – living together in the same city and seeing each other every day. There’s no other way to explain how we made it through 7.5 years, except for true love.”

For Becca, what is it about Dustin that you love the most? – “What first attracted me to Dustin (besides his green eyes), was his great sense of humor and ability to make me laugh, even at the silliest things. I love that we have so much in common and doing things together is always so easy because we’re both having fun. Just like me, he really enjoys watching and playing sports, he loves the Food Network, and he shares a sense of adventure. But what I love most about Dustin is his good heart.”

Dustin, what is it about Becca that you love the most? – “I love Becca’s sense of humor (which comes in handy because I’m full of bad jokes), that she enjoys watching sports (even though she’s a Red Sox fan), and her passion for helping others.”

About the Proposal – “After finally living together in the same city (again), Dustin decided it was time to pop the question. He knew how much Becca loves surprises, so (with the help of her sisters) he picked out the perfect ring and convinced her that we needed to go on vacation over July 4th weekend. Neither of us had been to Colorado during the summer, so we planned to do a lot of outdoor activities including hiking. One of Becca’s friends suggested that we hike at Blue Lake, a beautiful trail in the Roosevelt National Forest close to Boulder. Five miles and 11,720 feet later, Dustin got down on one knee at the edge of an iced-over lake and asked Becca to spend the rest of her life with him. She said ‘Yes!'”

Congrats, Becca and Dustin! I can’t wait for your wedding at White Oaks Barn next October!

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