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Secret Garden Engagement Session in Buckhead Atlanta – Hannah & Grayson


May 1, 2017


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Bride on the steps of the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center

Katie’s Bridal Session at the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA was the perfect way to end 2020. We met on what was one of the nicest December days I’ve ever experienced – with temperatures in the high sixties, it was incredibly warm & pleasant, even for a city that has […]



I loved meeting up with Hannah & Grayson in a little secret garden just steps away from Grayson’s parents’ home in Buckhead! Hannah & Grayson are fun, sweet & adorable together. Along with the pups, we walked along the water, explored the cutest little arched doorway through the blooms and meandered along the garden walls that looked like they came straight out of Pride & Prejudice!

Hannah & Grayson first met at UGA at a big school kick off party thrown by SAE and its sister sorority Kappa. For Grayson, it was love at first site. He was drawn to Hannah’s sweet spirit and natural beauty. But despite his persistence, they didn’t see much of each other during Hannah’s first year at UGA.

But later when they saw each other again, they became quick friends, and despite the fact that they didn’t date right away, Grayson always believed that their strong friendship meant there was still a chance for romance. “I loved her from the very start and sometimes love requires patience. I watched boys come in and out of her life, but sometimes love requires pain and heartache,” Grayson recalled. 

“Over the years, Hannah and I explored NYC together. We had a lot of fun, but our relationship never materialized from friendship to romance. Much to my chagrin, it began to feel as if I would never get the chance I so desperately yearned for. We went to parties and dinners, but it just never felt right. She always kept me in the friend zone. That was OK because I loved being close to Hannah in any capacity.” 

“But, as fate would have it, we were both in the Big Apple one summer in early August. I was on a hot streak and doing pretty well in life. We went out for dinner and had the most magnificent time. I knew things were different between us. However, at the end of the night when I went to make my move she denied me. I was defeated and walked home with my head down. I didn’t contact her for two days as I believed she could never love me the way I loved her. I was bitter at best. Then, out of nowhere, she contacted me and said she wanted to see me. I could hear the resolve in her voice. She wanted me like I had always wanted her. It felt unbelievable, and unlike anything I had ever experienced in my entire life. We danced the night away and kissed ourselves to sleep.  On that night, I got the woman of my dream and have never let her go ever since.”

“I’ve never known anyone to have the strong drawing power and charisma Grayson is blessed with. He has a larger than life personality, classic good looks and a heart of gold. He gives his time, his talent, and his money without thinking, without second-guessing.  He just gives.  His generosity has challenged and changed my heart. He wields a strong opinion, but then he lays it down, listens to his bride and hears me.  He lives his life, runs his business, and handles his relationships with integrity and humility. This past year living together I’ve witnessed first hand his natural ability to create. I’m in awe of his natural ease and grace to come up with a rap verse right on the spot or record a hilarious snapchat that leaves all of Atlanta talking and wanting more. His creativity and boyish imagination always keeps things interesting. BUT, what I love most about Gray is the fact that he truly is my absolute best friend. I love the feeling of when walks through the door from work each and every day and I get to be with him. He’s my partner and I am so lucky to call him my future husband.” 

“I love a lot of things about my double HH. I would venture to say that she is one of the most compassionate people I have ever known. She understands people and has a love for them that is rare to find in this world. I love her feisty nature. She is stubborn but still willing to oblige me at every turn. She cares for me like no one I have ever met or ever will meet in this world. She keeps me in line. She is the nurse to my wounds. She is the laughter to my jokes. I never thought I would be getting married. Then again, I never thought Hannah Helstrom would marry me either.”

About the Proposal: “As soon as we locked lips our relationship took off running. We we’re engaged only after six months of dating! We dated for several months long distance–each visit becoming more and more serious. The first time Grayson proposed was in Aspen. I was there for business and Grayson came out to see me. After a long day of work we met in the hotel room where Grayson got down on one knee and asked me to marry him out of nowhere! In his hand he had a temporary engagement ring. I said yes, but I wasn’t ready to tell my parents and leave my job in NY yet. So for about a month we were secretly engaged. The second time GG proposed we were skiing with friends in Beaver Creek. During dinner at a very fancy restaurant Grayson stood up to make a very important announcement to a room of about 100 people. Sure enough he got down on one knee (again) and proposed. The entire restaurant cheered for us and sent us champagne. We spent the rest of the weekend skiing and celebrating with friends and sharing the big news with family. As soon as I got back to NY from that trip, I quit my job, packed up my things and moved down to Atlanta. After a few days of settling into our new place together, Grayson wanted to give me a tour of the city. We stopped at the ferris wheel at Centennial Park to see a great view of the skyline. As we were enjoying the ride Grayson got down on his knee for the third and final time and gave me my real engagement ring. All three times I was completely surprised and ready to start my forever with Gray.” 

I’m so happy for you, Hannah & Grayson! Can’t wait for your wedding in October!

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