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A Fall Engagement Session at Roswell Mill – Rachel & Rob


December 5, 2016


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Bride on the steps of the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center

Katie’s Bridal Session at the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA was the perfect way to end 2020. We met on what was one of the nicest December days I’ve ever experienced – with temperatures in the high sixties, it was incredibly warm & pleasant, even for a city that has […]



Rachel & Rob met on through the dating app Hinge while Rachel was on vacation in Europe with her family. Rachel described her first impression, “I thought he was so handsome in his photos that I was surprised we had both swiped right! His opening words were actually a “punny” pick up line, which I had mentioned liking in my profile so I knew he had more than just good looks.”

They met for Taco Tuesday a few weeks later (a long two weeks in Rob’s words) at the Pullman Inn. Rob said, “The moment I turned around to see her walking in (I was early and she was late…a trend that continues to this day), I knew then and there, this was not going to be your normal “first date”.”

LOVE this one! How sweet & joyful is this?!

“To say there was one specific moment when I “knew” I was in love would be inaccurate,” said Rob, “but if I was to pick, I think it would be after only a few months of dating while in the north Georgia mountains at a friend’s wedding.  After a great day of travel and experiences together we both had to get ready for the ceremony.  Per norm, I had finished before her and was watching TV while waiting for her to put the last few finishing touches on her make-up and dress…and it was worth it.  To this day I cannot recall a moment in my life where time felt like it had stopped the way it did when she rounded the corner and I saw her dressed up for the first time, ready to go with the world’s most spectacular smile.  If there was a moment, that was it.”

Rob is a “real grown up.” He is smart and capable and driven and can cook and clean and repair things and knows how to dress appropriately for the occasion without me needing to show him. At the same time, he is full of an irresistible and unexpected joy.  I’ll catch him sometimes dancing around the bathroom while he brushes his teeth or having full on conversations with my pets. Being able to share my life with someone I know can handle real things, but who also has so much simple happiness to share with me is a dream come true!”

“Putting my finger on just one thing I love more than another about Rachel has proven far more difficult than I expected, but I think I found what I can honestly say I appreciate the most about the many things I adore about her.  The way she can make me feel with just a look.  She is without a doubt the kindest and most caring person I have ever met.  As expected, this is translated in her actions and how we interact daily.  The extraordinary part is she can do nothing, but look at me and all those traits can be translated through only a smile and her eyes.  It’s honestly quite extraordinary when you experience it and if leaves a lasting impression that remains with me throughout the day.  So much that often I need only think about it and I find myself relieved of all stress and anxiety.”

About the Proposal (from Rob): “The proposal was indeed far more stressful than I had first anticipated, but not nearly for what you might have thought.  That same week a hurricane had formed in the southern Atlantic.  It was projected to make landfall in southern Georgia on Saturday October 8th and my Army National Guard unit had been put on alert for a possible deployment to the coast to aid with the situation.  I had planned on proposing the weekend of October 8th and had it on the books for weeks, but before we even left I was being told to be ready to head to the coastline with the army.  Ultimately we were not activated, but that was not known until well after the proposal took place.  This also happened to be the same weekend Rachel and I were headed to the family’s favorite vacation spot, 30A on the Gulf shore.  The weekend had been planned as my open water scuba certification, but this was only a cover (well, maybe not because Rachel and I did go diving together for the first time).  The first two nights were spent with friends at their beach house and the plan was to go to Rachel’s parent’s house the last night where I would pop the question.  Turns out there had been a change of plans.  Instead of having dinner at Rachel’s parents’ house, they decided to come to us at the friend’s house for dinner.  This immediately scratched my Grayton Beach sunset proposal.  It was time to think fast, so I simply modified it to be a Laguna Beach sunset proposal.  Long story short, I ended up trying to plan a perfect sunset walk along the shore with plenty of time to walk from the house, down the beach, and back to the house in time to watch the sun disappear behind the horizon and then ask her to marry me.  Well, I completely underestimated the distance/time equation and ended up having to power walk back to the house, so I could ask as the sun was setting and there would be at least some light for her to see reflect of a diamond.  After a VERY brisk walk, we made it back just in time.  I asked her if she could see the last rays of the sun disappear (while her back was turned) I got down on one knee and waited for her to turn around.  In a moment of confusion and shock, I hoodwinked her into saying yes and slipped the ring on!”

From Rachel – “Rob had me convinced he would propose in Georgia. Last winter (way too soon for me to actually be “playing it cool”) I told him ‘I love you’ completely on accident when it slipped out in casual conversation in Chattanooga. I thought I played it off okay, but he later teased me about it. He didn’t return the sentiment for a few weeks, and has always explained it by emphasizing that he wanted to tell his ‘Georgia girl’ that in Georgia. All of this had me certain he would not propose outside the state.”

“We had our check out dive and Rob kept trying to get me to go with him from our friends house to my parents house, and I was so insistent that we just stay put and hang out on the beach. He must have moved to plan b and took me on a walk outside their beach house at sunset to “look for shells” that night. I could not figure out why he was waking so fast if we were looking for shells. He was obviously trying to get to a good spot for the sunset, but I dragged my feet so much, which must have driven him crazy! He proposed on the beach at sunset and my response was (of course) yes! But also “this isn’t Georgia!” We went back inside for a lovely dinner with my parents and their friends.”

Congrats, Rachel & Rob! I just adored getting to know you guys and your story!


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    Precious couple. Perfect words. Beautiful pictures. You guys are awesome.

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