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Park Bar – Lisbon, Portugal


June 21, 2016


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Our final night in Lisbon, we watched the sunset from Park Bar! I actually discovered Park Bar on Instagram (searching hashtags and geotags for a city before your next big trip can really pay off!) and fell in love with the gorgeous views over the city and the 25th of April bridge. Despite the fact that I knew going into it that this place was literally located on the rooftop of a parking garage, when we arrived at our location (according to our directions), there were no signs and as we wandered into the parking garage, I began questioning “Are we in the right place?” Here’s the key – find the elevator & take it to the top floor & then walk one more floor up. When we exited the elevator, we heard a DJ rocking out & sounds of locals and tourists alike having a great time! I will say that I were to visit again, I’d think about either going earlier in the day or on a night not quite as popular as Friday night! We had a hard time finding any place to sit, but the view was absolutely worth it! And, the sunset was fantastic!

And with that, we say Tchau to Portugal! It’s sad to say goodbye, but what a gorgeous way to bookend a fantastic anniversary trip! Where should we go next?!

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