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5 Steps to an Enjoyable Morning in Lisbon


June 7, 2016


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Step 1 – Find a local cafe, avoid the fish pastry (yep, it’s a thing & Tanner unfortunately “ordered” it on accident one morning) and enjoy a local European breakfast of pastry and espresso!

Step 2 – Watch the hustle and bustle of people going to work and school while surrounded by picturesque tiles (Ambiance is key, people). I chose Leitaria Anunciada this particular morning based on the cute tiled mosaics, and it’s proximity to our Airbnb just off the Avenida da Liberdade!

Step 3 – Watch the sunrise. This is something I try to do on every trip/vacation! Sunrise is also a wonderful time to capture the city and/or popular attractions without having to fight the crowds!

Step 4 – Grab a second breakfast. Let’s go “Hobbit-style” for a second here – you’ll need more fuel for adventures ahead! Especially if the first breakfast was pre-sunrise.

Step 5 – Ride the Tram #28 to the end of the line (ends just outside the Estrela Basilica) and spend the morning in the Estrela Gardens (a neighborhood park & a favorite among families).

Isn’t my breakfast pretty? The pastry had apricot jam inside – Mmmm…

My favorite thing about our breakfast at Leitaria Anunciada was definitely the ambiance. The blue and white mosaics of pastoral scenes seemed such an appropriate way to start the day!

After sunrise, golden rays filled the street with light! I simply love the light this time of day!

We rode Tram #28 to where it ended at the Basilica da Estrela (below) and discovered (on accident, quite honestly) the lovely Estrela Park – the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll and some fun people-watching!

Bom Dia, friends! I hope today’s full of adventure!

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