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Jenna & Evan – A Sunset Engagement Session at Piedmont Park


May 19, 2016


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Oh y’all, this couple is so near & dear to my heart – Jenna & Evan have such a sweet relationship that’s rooted in their love for the Lord. And, on top of that, they are just incredibly fun and silly together! We had so much fun giggling & laughing throughout this shoot (that even started with Jenna sending me some silly inspiration photos before we met up)! While the heavens literally opened up & drenched the entire park right as we were about to start their session, like many summer rain storms it was over in a flash & meant that we then had the Park to ourselves! Moments later, the sun came out for one of the most dreamy, gorgeous evenings to date! I’m in love with the simply perfect conditions we had for this shoot and can’t wait for you to see my favorites!

But before we jump right in, I’ll begin this couple’s sweet story with Evan’s perspective on the start of their relationship, “We both met while attending the University of Georgia and through mutual friendships. We grew closer through attending Bible studies at Watkinsville Baptist College Ministry, serving as her date for her sorority functions, and enjoying each other’s thoughts on what we want out of life. We learned our common thread is the pursuit of treasuring Christ above all that life has to offer and living for Him.”

For Jenna, Evan started by simply being a good friend. It wasn’t until her parents and friends fell in love with him while they were together over Christmas break that she began to see him as more than a friend. “As more of my family and friends got to know him they loved him and joked around about how I should date him. My mom even told me that it’d be okay if I ever wanted to marry Evan (she was half joking at the time but looking back it’s funny). Needless to say, this is when I began seeing Evan as more than a friend” In January of 2014, they went on their first date.

“One thing for certain that I love about Evan is his heart for the Lord. I love his devotion to know God and serve Him well. I love his passion for the Word and his heart to love others in a God-honoring way.

However, that is my “no-duh” answer because I wouldn’t be marrying him if he didn’t love the Lord. So, while that is the cake, let me tell you my favorite part of the icing 🙂

Evan is hilarious! He is so witty and can ALWAYS make me laugh. I grew up in a family that joked around a lot and poked fun at each other (in love). Evan does that SO well. He fits in perfectly with my family’s crazy sense of humor. He can get me giggling so hard I’m crying. He is an absolute goof and I LOVE it!!”

“What I love most about Jenna is her heart for others. For example, on a weekly basis Jenna volunteers her time to serve a middle school girls small group and teaches them, for example, their worth isn’t found in what others say, but what God says. It’s always exciting to hear the opportunities she has to serve others. From wanting to cook a meal to always being available for a friend in need of an ear, Jenna’s heart for the LORD through serving others is what I love the most about her.”

[Side note – this is one of my favorites from the session – it was misting/raining & you can see the little drops of water that make this moment look magical!]

About the Proposal: “It was all set up and organized without Jenna’s knowledge. I did my best to not reveal my anxiety that day but Jenna knew something was up at breakfast when my leg couldn’t keep still. I treated her to breakfast and lunch going all throughout north Georgia as I kept a close eye on the right time to take her to where I had coordinated with her brothers in where I’d propose. I picked to propose near a pond and gazebo adorned with roses, decorations, and a table with a Bible. Jenna’s brothers, Matt & Luke, had set up GoPros along the path we would walk to capture everything as well as Jenna’s best friend, Chelsea, to photograph moments throughout the proposal.” [continued below]

“As we walked down the trail we both couldn’t remove the smile on our faces as we knew what was to happen. I lead her to the chair scattered with rose petals as candles helped illuminate the words of John 13 where Jesus washed the disciple’s feet. I As I read I washed her feet to emphasize how much I love her. I shared how I felt about our friendship, our relationship, and how I want the future to include us. I asked her to marry me and she said, “Of course!” Chelsea and her brothers came to share in the joy and take in the moment. We left soon afterwards to celebrate with friends and family.”

Jenna & Evan, thank you so much for sharing your story! I can’t wait for your wedding in July at Ashton Gardens!


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