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Ansleigh & Wes – A Spring Engagement Session on UGA’s North Campus in Athens


April 22, 2016


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I loved going to Athens for Ansleigh & Wes’ engagement photos! UGA’s campus is simply gorgeous in the spring! From flowering trees to pink azaleas, we couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque backdrop for this adorable session! And, I also fell in love with the gorgeous Founders Garden (thank you, Wes!) where we ended their session in gorgeous sunset light! 🙂 As always, I’m sharing their story (as well as those things they love most about each other), so be sure to read along as you check out their pretty photos!

Ansleigh & Wes met through mutual friends. Ansleigh said, ” I thought he was just the cutest thing ever when I first saw him! But, he kind of acted like he was “too cool for school” at first. LOL.” After casually dating a short while after meeting, things fizzled out and they didn’t talk for about 8 months. “He had just gotten out of long relationship so he wasn’t looking to settle down just yet. I could sense that and so things kind of fizzled out,” Ansleigh commented. “And, then out of the blue one day he reached out and said that we should catch up. I was actually dating someone else at the time, so I kind of avoided the question. A few weeks later my relationship ended, and the first thing I did was reach out to Wesley. It sounds terrible, I know. But, I always held out hope that things would work out with us. So, I finally accepted his offer to catch up! We went over to his brother and sister-in-laws house for drinks. We had such a great time!! And, from that point on we were inseparable! He had really matured over the time we were apart. And, I knew very early on that he was the one for me!”

“I still thought about her,” Wes said. “Then, I reached out to her and we started to hang out again. I realized a few months into it that she was the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I remember telling her sister that barely 3 months into the relationship.” Isn’t that sweet?

“The things I love the most about Ansleigh is how honest and sweet she is. She is never one to not share her real opinion on things. I love that about her because I know that whatever I ask her I will get the truth. She is also very kind, sweet, and genuine.  She is always looking out for the both of us rather than just thinking about herself. She also motivates me to become a better person. She makes me look ahead at the bigger picture of life rather than just living for today. I love how she always gets me to try new things even though I think I’m going to hate them and end up loving them like The Bachelor. She always knows how to make me feel better and makes me laugh when I’m extremely angry. We feed off of each other in many ways like that.”

“I love that he has the most giving soul. He would do anything for me. He is the most perfect person to deal with all of my sass. We complete each other. I am the planner and the responsible one. He is the spontaneous, free spirit. I love that he will watch The Bachelor with me! There was a point in time when I think he was more into it than I was! Haha. I love that he likes to cuddle with my cat, Weasley. I love that he is a hard worker. I love that he will stand up to me and tell me ‘no’ sometimes. That may seem like a strange thing to love about someone, but I really do! He doesn’t let me run all over him and I love that! Oh, and of course, he is pretty easy on the eyes too!!”

About the Proposal (from Wes): “The proposal was very well planned out and spontaneous at the same time. The original proposal was planned to be a “wedding” that she was supposed to go to and have me surprise her there and propose but I felt that she was getting suspicious. Luckily my birthday was coming up and I wanted to go to Gatlinburg to celebrate and as fate would have it it was snowing that weekend. I got a couple of friends together to go with us to make it not obvious and the first morning I went and scoped out locations for the proposal and found the perfect spot by a river in the mountains. She had no idea what was happening and the shock of it was perfect.”

It was quite an adventure just getting to Gatlinburg (one that ended up taking about 6 hours and meant rerouting numerous times), but the snowy proposal was perfect! Here’s Ansleigh’s perspective, “Jeremy and his wife Abby [friends along for the trip to help keep everything a surprise] suggested we go take pictures by the river. I agreed because Duh! Who doesn’t love snow pictures?! We took some pictures and then the next thing I know Wesley was down on one knee!! I was so excited. It was so perfect. It was snowing the whole time and the scenery was beautiful. He did such a great job planning everything!!”

Congrats, Ansleigh & Wes! Looking forward to your wedding this October!


  1. Cindy Nale says:

    That was so sweet
    You to are perfect
    Much Love Always💖💖💖💖

    • Carrie Joy Osborne says:

      Aren’t they the sweetest?! Thank you so much for checking out the blog & for your sweet comment!

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