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Syd & Kyle – A Spring Engagement Session in Roswell


March 24, 2016


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Syd and Kyle met through the Cross Country team at UGA. Though the first year together on the team resulted in little more than knowledge of each other as teammates, Syd explains that by her sophomore year, she started to notice Kyle, “I began to realize how great of a personality he had and then I realized how cute he is. We were both shy at the time and I had a hard time starting a conversation with him. I really knew nothing about him…I knew he was really smart and that everyone on the team seemed to love him. I ended up telling a guy on the team that I liked Kyle and, of course, that news spread like fire to everyone, even our coach. Kyle then found out, got my number, and asked me on a date.”

“I remember our first date very clearly because it was perfect. I was 19 and he was 20. We walked to Cali N Tito’s from his house and got to know each other over dinner. We were basically strangers and there was nothing fancy about it. It was simple and low key. A second date soon followed and the rest is history!”

“We fell in love quickly. Our personalities mesh really well and I feel that we help each other become better people. We helped each other learn what college is all about and that is why Athens is so special to us. We have some of our best memories in Athens that will never be replaced. It is where we started and where we built our relationship. We became foodies together there, learned what good beer is, and discovered our favorite bands there. Over time, we’ve realized that life is way better when we are experiencing it together and we want for nothing more than that.”

Isn’t that sweet?! I loved meeting up with Syd & Kyle on their recent trip home to Georgia (these two now live in Seattle)! We met up in Roswell and enjoyed a gorgeous spring day by the water and under the fragrant spring blooms! I love how sweet and silly these two can be together, and I adore Syd’s contagious laugh! 🙂 I can’t for their wedding this October in Athens!

“Kyle is the most caring, positive, and patient person I know. No matter what life brings, he takes everything one step at a time and in the most logical manner possible. I’ve learned how important it is to have someone like this in your life and am forever grateful for his support and thoughtfulness. Kyle is selfless and gets more excited and proud of others than he does himself when good things come their way. This is hard to come by and I am a lucky lady to get to spend my life with such a supportive individual. To top it off, Kyle helps me take the ‘chill pill’ that I often need to take. He helps me take life less seriously which is sometimes the key to happiness.”

“Syd strikes this incredible balance between being incredibly goofy and weird as well as disciplined and motivating. When I take myself too seriously she’s got made up words and ridiculous dances to bring me back to Earth. When it’s dark and raining and I don’t want to get out the door for my morning run she’s the one that reminds me why we do the crazy things we do to run fast. In the end, I just know that Syd is going to keep me young when I get old and excited when I get tired. I couldn’t ask for more from someone I get to live everyday with. Oh yeah… I also really like her beautiful face.”

About the Proposal (From Kyle) – “For my 21st birthday, Syd got me tickets to a band I’d never heard of at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. The band was Futurebirds and little did we know that the band we went to see that night would soon become our favorite band and we’d end up seeing them more than 10 times over the course of three years.”

“In the Fall of 2015, Syd and I decided we wanted to travel to New Orleans to see Futurebirds play and enjoy the city. It was setting up to be a great trip for a few reasons. First, Syd and I had been living across the country from each other for nearly a year (Atlanta vs. Seattle) so time spent together was a luxury. Two, I’d been working in Louisiana for 6 months and still had yet to make it to NOLA and we’d heard raving reviews of the city. Third, this would be the 13th time we would see Futurebirds in concert. Syd had no idea that the fourth and final reason it was going to be a great trip was that I had a ring with me as I drove from work in Baton Rouge to meet her in New Orleans for the weekend.”

“I had some connections with the band so I had coordinated a plan to get on stage before they went on. I soon learned a band isn’t always the most reliable when trying to coordinate a proposal and it wasn’t until 30 min prior to the show starting that I got a text with the plan from them. Thankfully I had the speech prepared and when they called me up on stage I was ready.”

“With building guitars in the background, I was able to profess my love for music and Syd and invited her up on stage. The rest was a blur and thankfully we have a video or else we wouldn’t believe it actually happened. Syd will tell you that she had a small inkling that something was going to happen once I started acting weird at the concert, but she never thought it would be onstage. Don’t ask us how the concert was because I don’t think either of us remember but with our close friends around us we had one of the best nights of our lives.”

Congratulations, Syd & Kyle! I love your story and can’t wait for your wedding in October! 🙂


  1. Kathleen says:

    Love these two!! Definitely what the rest of us UGA runners look up to as the ideal power couple 😉 soo happy for you guys! Great pictures of great people!

    • Carrie Joy Osborne says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! They are such great people & such a wonderful couple! I see why y’all would look up to them 🙂

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