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Amalfi, Italy – Day 1


February 2, 2016


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From Florence, Sarah and I hopped on a train heading south to Salerno.  While beautiful and artistic, Florence was cold and damp during our stay (it was November after all), and by the early Monday morning of our departure I was ready for a change of scenery. I dozed and journaled while we sped through the Italian countryside, and by noon, we arrived in Salerno. When I exited the train station I felt warm rays of sunshine hit my face and warm my soul. I took off my coat and breathed in the warm air – at once feeling refreshed. All around me teens were waiting for the bus to surrounding towns and the flurry of their excitement and enthusiasm gave me a renewed sense of energy. I tipped my head up towards the welcome sunshine and smiled. This already felt like heaven… and we hadn’t even arrived in Amalfi yet!

We finally spotted and boarded our bus to Amalfi. All the available seats were taken up, but I didn’t care. I stood in the center aisle near our adorable bus driver and drank in the scenery through the windshield of the bus. Despite feeling like I was surfing my way to Amalfi I had the best seat in the house!

We made several stops along the way as commuters made their way home. I finally found a seat as the roads began to twist along the rocky coast. As I posted on my Instagram, it was a “butt clenching ride!” LOL. Side note – I do not recommend driving yourself along the Amalfi Coast. It’s a job best left to the professionals!

We drove through many stunning little towns, which I would have loved to explore had we had more time… sigh, one day! After we arrived in Amalfi and checked into our Airbnb with lovely hostess Mariagrazia, we ventured back down to the town of Amalfi for a nice coffee, a little exploration and to soak in a gorgeous Mediterranean sunset.

This is one of my favorite captures – I just love the European cafe culture! 🙂

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Happy Travel Tuesday, friends!

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