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Emily & Thomas – A Fall Engagement Session at the Roswell Mill


November 6, 2015


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Emily & Thomas met in one of the most unique ways I’ve ever heard – they were set up by their (wait for it) dry cleaner! How cool is that? They support and complement each other so well that it’s no wonder their dry cleaner tried to set them up! As Emily pointed out – they are opposites in a lot of ways. “He is the most positive, enthusiastic, big dreams person I know. I keep him grounded and he keeps me dreaming.” Isn’t that sweet? Her care for others, his infectious laugh – they make these two a truly great combo & I have loved getting to know them! It was a gorgeous (if a bit warm) fall day in Roswell when we met for their Engagement photos & I just love how film captured the gorgeous textures and colors! Keep reading to hear more about their relationship and the proposal!

Tell me about how you fell in love – “I had basically given up before he [Thomas] called and was extremely cautious and had walls around walls around walls around my heart. He broke through every single one. One night in late September while watching a movie on the couch I was getting up the nerve to tell him I was falling in love with him- I got as far as ‘Thomas, I’m falling…’ when he said ‘I love you; I’m already there.’ A few weeks later I was too.”

Thomas, what do you love most about Emily? – “Emily is the most caring person I know. She has an unmatched ability to empathize with people in pain. She will be an amazing nurse and I respect her caring nature for others. When I asked her father for his blessing to marry Emily, I said, ‘Emily is the most caring person I know and I have every intention to take care of her in the manner that she does of me.'”

Emily, what is it about Thomas that you love the most? – “It’s hard for me to pick just one – even just a few because Thomas is more than the sum of the parts I love about him; it’s almost unfair to list them individually because the way they come together is truly amazing, special, and unique. I LOVE the way the world looks through Thomas’s eyes, he is so curious, dedicated, and really wants to change the world, make a difference. He is an amazing listener, caring, genuine, loyal; he’s Thomas. He has the most contagious laugh its infuriating sometimes!! I can be so angry at him, but he thinks it’s funny when I’m mad, so sometimes no matter how angry I get he makes me laugh.”

About the Proposal (From Thomas): “September 21, 2014 – After a full weekend of Music Midtown (John Mayer, Zach Brown Band), I asked Emily to go on a hike with me up Stone Mountain. I told her I had been looking forward to hiking all week as I had driven over 20 hours for work and my legs were tight. Little did she know, on the previous Sunday my friend Albert and I trekked up Stone Mountain to scope out the perfect location for the proposal so he could take photos from the bushes without being seen.”

“We walked up to a vista that branched off from the main trail, and a blanket that my late uncle David had given me as a Christmas present was placed on the stone. At the most perfect time, Albert ran out of the bushes like a paparazzi and started snapping pictures. When Emily looked back to me, I was on my knee preparing to ask her to marry me. I’ll add that there was about a 4 – 5 second pause before I said anything because I was so nervous. On my knee, I told her that I already had her father’s blessing and told her what I told her father. Emily pre-preemptively said “yes” before I could ask her to marry me, but I didn’t hear her as I was preoccupied with getting the words out. After I asked her to marry me, she said yes again.”

Congrats, Emily & Thomas! I cannot wait for your wedding at Summerour Studio in January! 🙂


  1. Amy Bear says:

    The photographs and narrative touched me deeply. I am ecstatic that Thomas found such a lovely, intelligent, compassionate, and talented young woman to spend his life with. It’s what I’ve always wanted for Thomas and now my wish is being fulfilled. I am looking so forward to the wedding and celebration in January. More than anything, we are truly blessed to have Emily join our family. Amy

    • Carrie Joy Osborne says:

      Thank you so much for your touching comment! One of my favorite parts about weddings is seeing two families joined. Looking forward to meeting you in January!

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