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Karey & Kyle – A Sweet Fall Engagement Session in Downtown Dahlonega


October 29, 2015


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I love Karey & Kyle’s story – as you may have noticed in my Engagement blog series, I like to ask every couple how they met! So often a couple meets through mutual friends or while in school or at work. But I love how Karey started the story of how they met, “When Kyle and I first met, it was after we had already fallen in love. Well, I say ‘we’ but all I can really say is that I knew I loved him before I actually met him in person. A lot of people automatically assume we met on a dating site when I say that, but it was so much more complicated. I’m glad it was more complicated, or it probably never would have happened. “

How fun is that?! For Karey, it all began with the mention of his name by her best friend (who like so many well-meaning friends was trying to set her up with a boy). Then, an accidental friend request acceptance on Facebook opened the door for Kyle to send an incredibly clever message (that really piqued her curiosity). That first message turned into late nights spent messaging, texting, Skyping and later spending hours talking on the phone into the night getting to know one another. Finally, they met in person. My romantic heart equates this modern story with “old fashioned” letter writing! I adore the thought of sharing one’s most intimate musings and feelings via the written word. Meander through the photos below to learn more about this adorable pair & to see some of my favorite images from their Engagement session in Dahlonega! 

LOVE this image of Karey & her adorable laugh!! A Favorite for sure! 🙂

We started the session at the Picnic Cafe & Dessertery in downtown Dahlonega where Karey & Kyle had their first date! How cute is that?! 

From Kyle, “The thing I love most about Karey is the way she never assumes that I know how much she loves me – she has never stopped telling me, showing me, reminding me, and telling me again how much I am loved.”

About the Proposal (from Kyle) – “On Sunday before her 23rd birthday, I took Karey up to the Picnic café in Dahlonega, where we had our first date. After a wonderful lunch, we went to a nearby vineyard, then took a scenic drive through the North Georgia mountains. After a failed attempt to find a beautiful valley we had visited last year, I drove to a gorgeous creek that we had passed by and mentioned several times over the years, but had never actually stopped to see. I pulled over at a spot where the creek winds down over the rocks, and suggested that we get out to take a closer look.”

“As we walked down to get a better look, I said something to the effect of ‘I bet you’re wondering why I’ve been driving us all over North Georgia….’, and when Karey confirmed that she had indeed been wondering, I told her that I had been looking for a place to ask her something. As I was saying this, I pulled the ring out of my pocket and dropped to one knee as she was turning to answer me. When she saw me down on one knee with the ring in my hand, Karey immediately started simultaneously saying yes, clasping her hands over her mouth, and crying. Even though she was already saying yes, I figured I should still officially ask, so I said “Karey Ellen Loggins, will you marry me?” Since she continued to say yes, I slipped ring on her finger, where it has proudly resided ever since.”

From Karey, “That is what I love most about Kyle- he never ceases to be the best version of himself that he can be. He has worked hard to give me a promise that he will love me, lead me, and provide for me all the days of my life. When I snap at him, he gets to the root of the problem with gentleness. When I put myself down, he counterattacks and makes me feel beautiful and special. He has more patience than monks inscribing ancient texts- unless we are at the grocery store, but that too has only made me a more efficient person.”

“His unconditional love for me makes me want to be a better person. Not just because he is sweet, but because I have watched him grow from an immature, irresponsible boy into a godly man whom I can only compare to my father- both earthly and heavenly. Not many people can say that. I can’t believe I am so blessed to get to marry That Boy.”

Thank you, Karey & Kyle! I just love y’all & I can’t wait for your wedding at CeNita Vineyards next April! 🙂

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