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Lauren & Barrett – A Summery Engagement Session on the Campus of Georgia Tech


June 16, 2015


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I recently spent a lovely (if warm) June afternoon meandering around the campus of Georgia Tech with Lauren & Barrett. I absolutely love how silly these two can be together! Their playful teasing and joking kept the mood light & warm – which matched the day perfectly! I can’t wait to capture their wedding at American Spirit Works in January! Below you’ll find a bit more about the adorable couple, starting with the story of how they met and began dating from Lauren’s perspective:

“We met at Brittain Dining Hall at Georgia Tech in the spring of our freshman year. We were in the same political science class with one of our mutual best friends, and frequently went to breakfast together before class. It was a few years before we really became friends, when Barrett texted me promising that if I named 10 professional baseball teams, he’d take me to Waffle House. (How romantic, right?) Well, I named 12. That fall, we started dating and have since graduated from Tech. We’ve spent many days golfing, hiking, hanging out at the lake, and playing Catan. Barrett has taught me to ski, and I’ve convince him that going to musicals can be fun.” 

Lauren, what is it about Barrett that you love most? “I have lots of favorite things about Barrett! He’s the most loyal and honest person I know, and we have the best times together. When I get stressed or sad, he’s the one who helps me keep life in perspective and always brings me joy. He is absolutely the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Barrett, what is it about Lauren that you love the most? My favorite thing about Lauren is her emotions. I know everyone would be shocked to hear that, but I say that because she makes me think more than ever. She shows me my actions have effects on other people in ways I could never imagine. I have always heard the way you say things, not what you say, is key. Before knowing Lauren I really didn’t know how true this is. She’s taught me that everything you say will be interpreted by somebody in a different way. Lauren has unknowingly taught me a conversation isn’t just words, and knowing her has made me a better person, a better friend, and hopefully a better husband. “

About the Proposal: “Barrett had just come back from visiting family in Ohio (where my parents also live) and came to pick me up for dinner. It was a Tuesday and we hadn’t talked about any special plans, so I was definitely not expecting it. I opened the door to my apartment, he walked inside, and by the time I closed and locked the door, he was on one knee!” 

Thank you, Lauren & Barrett for sharing your story with me! I can’t wait to capture your wedding this winter! 🙂

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