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Teo & Emily – A Playful Engagement Session in the Park


September 8, 2014


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Bride on the steps of the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center

Katie’s Bridal Session at the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA was the perfect way to end 2020. We met on what was one of the nicest December days I’ve ever experienced – with temperatures in the high sixties, it was incredibly warm & pleasant, even for a city that has […]



There’s something to be said for a couple who connects over a common passion in life. For Emily & Teo, their mutual love of the Spanish language very literally brought them together when they both worked the same Spanish immersion camp in Minnesota. Then, when it came time for Teo to pick a grad school, he naturally picked one in North Carolina to be near Emily, and they settled into life & relationship there. They knew early on that they wanted to be together; however, Emily also felt that she was too young to get married for awhile, so Teo suggested that she propose when she was ready. Fast-forward to last December — the time was finally right, and Emily proposed at a cabin in Tennessee while on the way home for winter break. Despite the planning & the timing being her idea, Emily still bawled during the emotional proposal when Teo pulled out a ring he’d been keeping in his pocket to propose back to her when she finally asked. Awwwww…

If I had to choose just a couple words to describe Emily & Teo at their Engagement session, they’d have to be playful & fun. Emily & Teo really know how to enjoy being with each other. They are both comfortable, warm and genuine people. Photographing them really felt like hanging out with friends! We talked about travel, their summer in Ecuador (which was my first trip overseas) and our favorite places to visit around the world. Emily & Teo, I’m so excited for your wedding in December!

During the first part of the session, these two world travelers talked about where they would live if they could move to anywhere in the world after they were married. How fun is that?

Mid-way through the session, Teo & Emily played “Slaps” a playful, teasing game the couple often plays together (above).

Emily, you are so stunning! 🙂

Unscripted, natural moments are my favorite. It’s a constant reminder for me that life happens in the in between…

There’s a dock at the camp where Teo & Emily met in Minnesota where the two sometimes hung out in the summers while they were getting to know each other. Despite the fact that Georgia is definitely not Minnesota, I loved being able to incorporate a dock into their session.

At the camp where they met everyone is required to wear name tags (like the one below). Emily painted this one with an image of the two of them gazing out on the lake on the front and a very important question on the back, and used it in her proposal to Teo! How cute is that?

Happy Monday, and Congratulations you two! 🙂

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